Project Title
Corporate Sustainability Supporting Framework

Project Promoter
The Authority for Cooperative Societies, Cyprus

The project aims to motivate and encourage businesses to behave responsibly towards the environment, move away from a growth alone perspective and to make sustainable development part of businesses’ core policy. This implies focusing both on economic and financial factors, as well as on environmental and social dimensions, thus contributing also to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The project will seek to enhance knowledge about and capabilities of businesses to adopt Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles and encourage them to adopt, in a structured manner, a CSR Strategy including measures reducing their negative impact on environment and society. In addition, the project aims to increase awareness on CSR among various stakeholders (consumers, investors, potential clients and the general public).

26/04/21 – 31/10/23


Funded by:
EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

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