Project Title
Multifunctional Community Centre for people with special needs

Project Promoter:
St Louca’s Community

The purpose of the project is to build and run a new, bespoke multifunctional community centre providing services and support to people with special needs, as well as provide support to their families. The Centre will provide a full range of tailor-made services and therapies, such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy, day-care, overnight and permanent stay and recreational and developmental activities. Also, it will undertake learning and developmental activities in collaboration with other organisations, municipalities and/or communities in the surrounding area to empower persons with disabilities to reach their full potential and become equal members in society. The financial support provided by the Donors will be spent on the construction of the centre and various awareness-raising actions on the development of the centre and its purpose. The services and running of the centre will be funded by several sources (i.e. existing own funds, income from yearly fundraising activities and donations, fees charged for services rendered, government grant).

Project Duration
23/07/2020 - 30/04/24


Funded by:
EEA Grants 2014-2021

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