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EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 in Cyprus

Τhe Republic of Cyprus, through the MoUs it has signed with the donor states (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), will receive until the end of the current programming period 2014-2021 grants amounting to €11,5 mil. Of these, €6,4 mil. come from the EEA Grants and €5,1 mil. come from the Norway Grants, while the Republic of Cyprus will contribute €1,3 mil through co-financing. The projects and actions have started, with the payments' completion horizon set in April 2024. For more details visit the Programmes section.

Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway work closely with partners in 15 EU Member States to help reduce social and economic inequalities and further strengthen bilateral cooperation. The Grants support projects in areas such as environmental protection and management, climate change and renewable energy, justice and home affairs, research and scholarships, civil society, green industry innovation, culture, decent work, and human and social development.


The European Economic Area (EEA) was established on 1st January 1994 following the EEA Agreement which unites the member states of the European Union and the three EFTA (European Free Trade Association) states of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in the Internal Market. When the EU members increased to 27 on May 1st 2004, the three states established the EEA and Norway Grants, by creating the EEA Financial Mechanism (funding by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and the Norway Financial Mechanism (funding by Norway). The grants provided through the two Financial Mechanisms constitute the three countries’ contribution to reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and to the strengthening of bilateral relations with the beneficiary states in Central and Southern Europe.

The countries currently eligible for support under the Norway Grants are the 13 countries that joined the EU after 2004, whereas the EEA Grants also include Portugal and Greece. Funding is distributed among the beneficiary states according to their population and per capita GDP.

For the current period 2014-2021 a total budget of €2.8 billion has been allocated through the EEA and Norway Financial Mechanisms, the largest amount allocated so far, compared to €1.8 billion for the period 2009-2014 and €1.3 billion for the period 2004-2009.

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