Project Title
Solidarity Network Nicosia in Action «NiclnAct»

Funded by:
Norway Grants 2014-2021

Project Promoter
Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation, Municipality of Nicosia

The overall objective of the project is to enable vulnerable and marginalised people in Nicosia to become active and integrated into society. More specifically, the project aims to establish a Solidarity Network Hub that will provide innovative social services to the vulnerable people as well as integrate various social services of the Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) acting within the area of Nicosia Municipality and to create a network of social services. The proposed model relies on networking with other stakeholders, mostly civil society, to maximize the impact of the efforts across the community in a range of fields varying from reducing social disparities to providing free legal, counselling, accounting, services, child care and child protection etc.

Project Duration
23/07/20 - 30/04/24


Website: https://solidarity.nicosia.org.cy
Facebook: @NicosiaMunicipalityMultifunctionalFoundation
Nicosia Municipality website - page on the Multifunctional Foundation: nicosia.org.cy/municipality/multifunctional-foundation (platform «Νοιάζομαι» for on-line subcsription and appointments)